Sunday, November 15, 2009

So Now They Fact Check

From the AP dated Saturday November 14, comes this headline: FACT CHECK: Palin's Book Goes Rogue on Some Facts. I am not writing this to debate whether Sarah is right or the AP is right. I have not read the book- heck, it hasn't even been released yet. I can tell you that with the AP's track record of being left-leaning lovers, I am more likely to side with Palin.

My issue is this: where has all this fact-checking been in the last few years?

I don't recall the good ol' AP checking the facts on John Kerry's service in Vietnam. Did he really earn the medals and honors he received, or did he write himself up in order to get home? It took the Swift Boat Veterans, doing the AP's job, for the truth to come out. Then the media wanted to rip apart their recollection of what happened in Vietnam.

Damn those pesky facts

I also don't remember the AP being all up in arms about Dan Rather rushing a story about George Bush's National Guard record without checking the facts. Everyone was more than willing for that story to be true. When it all came crashing down around their heads, well, that couldn't have been Dan's fault. He was duped by someone passing off faked documents. In my opinion, his butt was in a rush to make sure Mister "reporting for duty" Kerry got elected.

And let's not forget Al Gore. Where would we be without him? According to Mr. Personality himself, Love Story was written about him and Tipper. On top of that doozie, he invented the internet. Wow!! I will never question global warming again. This man is a genius!

The whole point of this, I guess, is that the AP and all of the MSM, are selective fact checkers. If the person in question fits in with their world views and agendas, then it's hands off. There are many more examples of this (don't get me started on Hill and Bill, or Maobama). I think they are genuinely afraid of the popularity and down to earth style of Sarah Palin. She is a conservative female that loves her country, loves her family, and is not afraid to stand up for either one.

Go get 'em Sarah!! We here at Me, Un-American, are behind you all the way!!!


  1. Great post! As you say the MSM is scared to death of Palin - they see a winner and are doing what they do best; obfuscate and smear.

  2. Yeah, and they don't just fact check once. They make sure it's really fact checked putting eleven researchers on the pre-release. You have to be so intellectually dishonest to claim their isn't a bias in the mainstream media.

  3. Don't forget they fact check SNL. It's a wonderful way of saying you aren't being political while you are being political.

  4. Hear, hear! You're spot on with every point you make.