Sunday, November 8, 2009

Captain Cup Inducted Into Hall of Fame

Hockey Stud

What I wouldn't give to be in Toronto tomorrow. It is going to be a special night for Red Wings fans everywhere. Sure, Luc Robitaille and Brett Hull spent a few years as Red Wings, and they will be inducted also, but the star of the evening will surely be #19, Steve Yzerman.

Yzerman is the epitome of class. There were times during his career that fans questioned whether he was the one that could bring the Cup back to Detroit. He felt the burden for many years. When Scotty Bowman became the coach of the RedWings, he asked Yzerman to be more responsible defensively. Yzerman did not complain, even though he was a prolific scorer. How did he respond, you ask? By winning the Selke Trophy as best defensive forward. He always left everything out on the ice. He gave his all, every shift, and as Captain expected the same from his teammates.

Yzerman did bring the Cup back to Detroit, not once, not twice, but three times. He is Captain Cup. Stevie spent all 22 years of his career in Hockeytown. When you ask a Red Wings fan about their favorite play ever, most times it will be a play Yzerman made. My personal favorite is his double overtime goal in the 1996 playoffs against St. Louis. The man usually was cool as cucumber, but after that goal..... he looked like a ten year old playing the game he loved. It was so great to see his emotion, to see his passion for the game.

My favorite picture of Yzerman with the Cup(2002). What a great family man.

Yzerman was the best, and was the complete package. Talent, heart, class, leadership, sportsmanship. I have no problem with my children, or anyone's for that matter, following his example.

Thank you, Steve. You deserve this honor.


  1. It's impressive that he spent his whole career there. In this day & age of free agency and rampant trades, it's rare to see someone spend a career with just one club, and in hockey it's rare to see a guy last 22 years, period.

    When Chelios finally retires, my guess is he'll be inducted almost immediately, and he'll be best remembered as a Wing, though he was also a Hawk and a Hab....

  2. hockey stud? everyone knows you're a complete sellout for shanny.