Monday, November 30, 2009

The Goddess of Give Me Something

The daughter several years ago. We call this 'Scuba Stephanie'. If you have seen 'Big Daddy', you understand.

I just spent a terrific Thanksgiving weekend with the family in St. Louis. Our main objective on the trip was to see a wonderful hockey game (we did- Detroit won 4-3 in a shootout), but we also planned in some time for shopping in St. Charles, dinner at Modesto (incredible Tapas restaurant), and the most important agenda item for the kids---swimming at the hotel.

I can always count on my husband for funny vacation witticisms. He can turn any song into something that is always hilarious, sure to keep you awake during the monotony of driving mile after mile. I have often told him he should do stand up. He would be great at that. What I am learning now is that my seven year old daughter not only looks like my husband, she has inherited his comedy gene.

We left our hotel on Sunday morning, ready to hit the (long) road home. Said hotel provides a more than ample breakfast offering. If you leave there hungry, it is no ones fault but your own. About thirty minutes after being on the road, my daughter says she is hungry. Her Dad and I both tell her it will be a while before we stop to eat since we just ate breakfast. She is not happy, and pops out with"I am the goddess of give me something!" I know-- it sounds like I am raising a Liberal, right? She isn't a Lib, she was just being funny. When my husband and I laughed at her line, she was happy as could be.

That became our motto this vacation. Daughter and husband found many ways to freshen it up all the way home. She was hungry again later in the day and was the 'goddess of eating'. Later she wanted a light turned on so she could read her book and became 'goddess of turn a light on'. Dad eventually lost his sense of humor (six hours in a van with a seven, five, and four year old), so he declared he was the 'god of grouch and doom'. I snickered at that, which caused him to see the humor in what he said. And I will say that everyone was pretty quiet the rest of the way home.


  1. I recall those LONG drives to see you from Riley, and me & Jim would forever be making up alternate song lyrics as we drove along. Nice to see that he still does it, since I do too, and Crystal eats it up and eggs me on.

    And is it me, or do your kids LIVE to swim?

  2. Ski- Yeah, the kids love to swim. Whenever we hit the Y, they think we HAVE to swim!!

  3. That sounds like a very fun trip! You are lucky to have such a wonderful and entertaining family. I hope your Christmas Holidays are
    equally great. I bet the "goddess" will get lots of presents.

  4. Bunni- Yeah, Santa won't let her down! (He wouldn't dare!)