Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Shame on These 10 Republicans

Judge David Hamilton is one step closer to confirmation to the 7th Circuit appellate court, thanks to this sorry list of Republicans that voted to limit debate on his qualifications. The vote ended up 70-29.

Richard Luger-Indiana

Lamar Alexander-Tennessee

Saxby Chambliss-Georgia

Susan Collins-Maine

Olympia Snowe-Maine

John Cornyn-Texas

Judd Gregg-New Hampshire

Orrin Hatch-Utah

Lisa Murkowski-Alaska

John Thune-South Dakota

Why not allow this man to become a Circuit Court judge? He is a former ACLU leader. He was a fundraiser for ACORN. Those two items raise flags for me, but are possibly not cause enough for others to be concerned. Okay, I understand.

Let's hear some of this justices pearls of wisdom.

"Part of our job here as judges is to write a series of footnotes to the Constitution. We all do that every year in cases large and small."

"A judge needs to empathize with all parties in the case — plaintiff and defendant, crime victim and accused defendant — so that the judge can better understand how the parties came to be before the court and how legal rules affect those parties and others in similar situations."

He is an activist judge who believes laws can be made from the bench, that judges keep adding "footnotes" to the Constitution. Huh? And here I thought the Founders did a pretty good job. Silly me, I thought Congress was the only branch of the government that could make law(hence the term Legislative Branch).

Here we go, America! You didn't think it would do much harm, your voting for Obama. Now you know the truth. First Sotomayor, now Hamilton. Another empathetic judge. We have three more years of this.

And shame on the Republicans named above. You are there at the behest of your constituents. Your crumbling, spineless actions today may very well be the start of your political downfall. Do not think that just because you have an (R) behind your name, that means you will be supported in your re-election bids. We need members of Congress that want to serve their constituents, not their own self-serving agendas.

We need more men (and women) like these!!!


  1. The Republicans have been completely unbearable with regard to lack of back bone over judiciary. My big wake up call was that no judge challenged GM and Chrysler govt takeovers. We can't allow the courts to be packed with more Obama lapdogs.

  2. You are right. Shame on those Republicans that voted for Hamilton. Alright, I think that they all need to be black-listed. They all need to be voted out come next election. Hamilton is an activist judge that needs to stay exactly where he's at now. Him being involved with both the ACLU and ACORN are red flags to me, also.

  3. Conservative Generation- We can't do anything about it, unfortunately, until Nov. 2010. There is the opportunity then to give Barry some opposition to his Lib nominations, if the American voter puts those in office that will uphold the Constitution.

    Theresa- Voting them out sounds good to me. Olympia Snowe might as well have a (D) behind her name. I can't remember the last time she acted like a Republican.

  4. They don't need to empathize with either party let alone both in a case. Their job is to interpret the Constitution as written and apply that to their ruling. I hate the fact that the Constitution is being circumvented by having judges make law in their decisions.

    The RINO 10? The usual list of wishy-washy suspects.

  5. B&G- Sounds like your phone won't be ringing because Obama picked you as his next judicial nominee. You believe in the Constitution? That torpedoed your chances right there!!