Monday, September 7, 2009

One Less Kennedy to Fawn Over

Just a quick hitter here. And no, unfortunately another one didn't just drink the last bottle dry. News today reveals that we don't have to worry about former Rep. Joe Kennedy trying to fill his late Uncle Ted's swim fins.

He says he can do more good staying right where he is at. And where would that be? He is the president of Citizens Energy Corporation. This is a non-profit that provides free heating oil to the poor. Very heartwarming, isn't it? He really cares about the little people. Yeah, right. His income as the president of this corporation in 2007 was $545,000.

As a newbie senator, he would stand to make somewhere around $165,000. Joey did his adds and takeaways, and noticed there would be $400,000 pay cut if he wanted Uncle Teddy's seat. How exactly do you make $545,000 whilst giving shit away for FREE? I'd like some of that action. It is amazing how these libs can find jobs at nonprofits that pay so well.

A lot of this oil that he has given away has come from his and Cindy Sheehan's best bud, Hugo Chavez. Wonder how it goes around the holiday dinner table when he and brother Robert sit down together? Bobby, Jr. is a green weirdo that wants renewable energy for all, as long as he doesn't have to see the wind turbines around Mecca's Vineyard.

By the way, this is another Kennedy you don't want to get into a vehicle with. It seems young Joe rolled a vehicle in August of 1973, injuring his brother David, and paralyzing Dave's girlfriend, Pam Kelley. Good thing for her there wasn't any water nearby.


  1. Those liberals.. they're not about the money! Come on now...

    Glad to hear he's not moving, though. I don't really think he's the best for the spot, but Curt Schilling would be fine, at least he's generally Conservative.

  2. Who the rusty fuck teaches these cretins to drive?

    Makes you wonder if old Joe Senior sold his soul to the Debbil back in the day to make his millions and get back at those evil rich people who snubbed him and drove him to keep making more and more to prove himself their equals of not better, including running whiskey from Ireland during Prohibition for The Mob.

    Might explain why his family is cursed to forever be famous, but cursed nonetheless to be tragic as well...

  3. Thank Heaven for small miracles! Joe is every bit as shady as Uncle Ted was. Maybe someone peed in that gene pool.