Sunday, September 13, 2009


And this is why we need more legislators like Rep. Joe Wilson to hold Obama accountable. Obama, or should I say, Obama's teleprompter, gives a good speech. Slick Willy has nothing on this guy. He can string words together well. Why, just listening to him, you would think we will all end up living in Neverland.

It sounds to me like a lot of the American people get it, though. Estimates are there were anywhere between 1.5 and 2 million Americans making their voices heard on Saturday. Now if we can only reach the Obama koolaid drinkers. I think that might be asking too much, but you never know. Miracles do happen.

I am not surprised that our schools are having problems. Our Beloved Leader, Head Comrade in Charge, whatever you want to call him, truly believes in fuzzy math. His campaign , er, I mean health care speech in front of congress proved that beyond a doubt. The public option that he craves will be self-supporting? He would never sign a health care bill that adds another dime to the deficit? When did he see the light on not adding to the deficit?

The only people that truly believe any of the lies that he handed out left and right in that speech are those that voted for him because he was 'cool', or because he wasn't George Bush. They refuse to inform themselves on the issues. They refuse to learn our history or the histories of other nations.

"Those that fail to learn from history, are doomed to repeat it." - Winston Churchill

The first line from the AP article titled "US Anger at Economy Will Not Derail Obama on Health: WHouse"was, "American anger at the cost of propping up the US economy will not force President Barack Obama to row back on his ambitious health care reform plans, the White House said Sunday."

And another dandy from the same article: "We've had to do some extraordinary things... to rescue the financial system, to ensure that our domestic auto industry didn't go out of business, and to stimulate the economy. That certainly cost a lot of money, but it's something that we had to do," said Gibbs.

Dear, dear Robert. I hate to admit you are right, but I must do so. It is indeed extraordinary that in our society based on capitalism, individualism, and freedom, our leaders would deem it necessary to socialize our auto industry and our financial institutions. But that is what Head Comrade in Charge has done.

We, as the people that he works for, need to keep our voices going loud and strong. We need to let our representatives know that we are informed voters, that we know socialized medicine has not worked in the other countries that have tried it(England, Canada, Cuba, etc.) Let them know that socializing any more of our industries is unacceptable, and dare I say it, Un-American.

Kudos to those that went to D.C. on Saturday. Now we all need to back them up and keep speaking out, because there is a huge disconnect with some of our leaders. They still want to ignore us and what we are telling them.

Obama hears what we are saying, but he just doesn't care. We stand between him and his agenda being realized. Whatever it takes, he will do. We can only hope to get through to his minions in congress. If we can do that, maybe his agenda can be derailed. If not, they will hear a deafening roar on Nov. 2, 2010, and then again in 2012.


  1. Excellent post, J!

    Whenever anyone thinks that they alone are standing up for our freedoms and rights, they ned only look around them at the millions of compatriots they have in this fight!

  2. In another line from the same article you cite, Gibbs was quoted

    "I think what the American people want most of all... is for Washington to put aside the game playing and start to begin to solve the very big problems that our country faces,"

    No kidding. Unfortunately, it is far too obvious that this administration - as you so well said it - doesn't care.

    Excellent piece, j.

  3. i like the cartoon. it's pretty accurate.

  4. I'm starting to think that Barry's a kamikaze president, caring for nothing except imposing health-care upon the nation.

    But then I remember his extraordinary vanity and self-regard.

    Can't quite make up my mind which one's winning...