Sunday, September 27, 2009

At Last!!!

These poor, delusional, Lions fans...if the government took over, the streak would last until 2050.

I know most of ya couldn't care less, and I can't say that I blame ya, but.....

The streak ends at 19. The Lions beat the Redskins today 19-14. I am not delusional. The Lions still have a loooong way to go before they are good enough to even whisper about playoff chances. Next year? Maybe, but probably more like two or three years down the road. Their last win was in December 2007, so for now one win will do (but please feel free to win some more this year, guys, if you can)!!

Oh, yeah, and I'm really sorry that this guy will not be able to get the 0-16 matching tattoo for this year- NOT!!


  1. At least hockey starts soon.

    And the tattoo? What an ass.

  2. i always hear people get a tat cause it "means something to them". well this guy "loves" the lions. so do i, but the gray matter continues above the brain stem in me at least. our winning streak will end next week in chicago, at 1, but for now, HOW SWEET IT IS!!!!

  3. I have tattoos becuz chix dig 'em....I'm HAWT!