Sunday, August 23, 2009

What big government? Feds to regulate garage sales

If you missed this, it is an article from American Thinker.

What big government? Feds to regulate garage sales


Where and when will this all end? Garage sale cops? Are they REALLY serious? I cannot believe that there is enough money in our recession addled coffers to pay someone to check out Loretta's bi-annual yard sale in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma. Congress keeps piling up one debt on top of the other, but here we are....

Watch out, I see several recalled toys here.

Don't get caught selling Dora, Backpack, and Perrito at your sale

Sounds like Big Brother will be watching!!

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  1. Dint'ya know? The streets are all safely bereft of rapists, drug dealers, killers, molesters, and other sundry swine. Ergo, the police are free to do shit like busting yard sales and lemonade stands...

  2. Hi "J" I'm so glad you found my blog and am following me, I'll return the favor! Isn't that doggie smart! I love that video too. Your children sound very intelligent too! You have a very nice blog here and some great followers, welcome to the fight, great patriot!
    God, Bless, Bunni...PS I have other cool video's on my youtube channel, another smart doggie and animals, plus political stuff you might like. Take Care.

  3. lol gosh it just gets worse!..keep up the good fight!!