Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Please Don't Forget....

I know we (conservatives) are all busily involved in trying to derail the legislation that will Socialize our health care system, but please take the time to donate to your favorite charity(or charities).

We have always been told how liberals are 'compassionate'. I beg to differ. In his book 'Who Really Cares: The Surprising Truth About Compassionate Conservatism', Arthur Brooks details how he found through studies that conservative households give approximately 30% more to charity than liberal households. This in spite of the fact that liberal families earn slightly more on average. He says "Those who support the idea that government should redistribute income are among the least likely to dig in their own wallets to help others".

Conservatives know that government programs are not the answer and are willing to give generously to private programs that can and do help those in need. Please find a cause (or five) that you believe in, and give, give, give.

My family donates to these three worthy groups. We know the money we give is used to help those that need it, and they all have great meaning for us:

1. Wounded Warrior Project- Their mission is "To honor and empower wounded warriors." they provide all kinds of services and direct programs to meet the needs of severely wounded service members. Their most recognizable program is the WWP Backpacks. They are provided to the severely wounded service members as they arrive at military trauma centers. The packs contain items like clothing, calling cards, toiletries, CD player, playing cards- things to make their stay a little more comfortable.

2. Freedom Alliance- The Alliance has three areas of concentration. The Freedom Alliance Scholarship program provides college scholarships to the children of those brave Americans who sacrificed their life, or those that have been permanently disabled, while defending our country. The Support Our Troops program honors service members on the front lines and in hospitals. They hold Troop Appreciation Dinners & events throughout the year. They also provide support to grieving families. The Leadership Academy is a summer camp for high school students age 14-18. It uses some of the fundamental doctrines of military training to instill leadership potential and develop character.

3. Autism Speaks- This organization dedicated to raising funds to research the causes, prevention, treatments, and finding a cure for Autism. They also want to raise public awareness of Autism, and bring hope to those who deal with the hardships of this disorder.

These are only three of the many thousands of deserving charities. I urge everyone to take the time to research and find those that you find worthy, and give them a helping hand.


  1. They were selling these nice Wounded Warrior Project t-shirts at select Cracker Barrel restaurants a few weeks ago. Their website says it was all stores, but I was told different by an employee. They ran outta my size before I could get one though. They also had a CD for sale with proceeds going to the WWP. Details also on their site.

    I've blogged about the WWP before, a few months ago, and highlighted some of the troops.

  2. Awesome charities! What kind of cold-hearted bastard can resist helping wounded vets and special needs folks? Oops...liberals.

  3. Who needs charities when the govt does all that?


    I'm a huge supporter of the Wounded Warrior Project. The rest are also good ones!