Sunday, August 16, 2009

Operation Coffee Cup 2009

Let me preface all of this this by saying that I was never a big fan of President Reagan when he was in office (I was only eight when he was sworn into office in 1980). I know that he was human and imperfect (we all are). That said, after reading this post you might also believe (like myself), that this man was a great oracle.

In the late 50's and early 60's, the American Medical Association conducted a campaign in opposition to Congressional Democrats plan to extend Social Security to include socialized medicine for the elderly (later known as Medicare). It became known as Operation Coffee Cup because part of the plan involved doctor's wives organizing coffee meetings in order to convince their acquaintances to write Congress opposing the program. In 1961, Reagan recorded the LP "Ronald Reagan Speaks Out Against Socialized Medicine" for the AMA. The organizers of the coffee meetings would use this record as part of their presentation.

I have included the video of this speech. I know it is long, but it is entirely relevant, and worth the listen.

There are many parts of this speech that are noteworthy, but the one that stands out for me is not even from Ronald Reagan. It is this:

"The American people will never knowingly adopt Socialism. But under the name of 'liberalism' they will adopt every fragment of the Socialist program, until one day America will be a Socialist nation, without knowing how it happened." - Norman Thomas (1884-1968) six-time U.S. Presidential candidate for the Socialist Party of America.

Scared yet? You should be. But you can still have your say. Can't make it to a Town Hall meeting? Is your Representative or Senator too scared to even hold one? Then write to them. Don't e-mail them. I know it's very un-green, and sooo not planet friendly, but pull out some paper and let them know what you think. E-mail is easy to overlook (they just won't turn on their computer until after the vote), but a mountain of letters from their constituents? Kinda hard to overlook that. Time is short, so pull out your pen, and get ready for Carpal Tunnel to set in (just make sure you see your doctor soon to treat it).

I am including a link to a site that will give you the addresses for those that represent you. When you get there, click on your state. You will need to click on the names of your Senators and Representatives to get to the page that shows their snail mail address.

Thanks for reading.... now turn off the computer and get to writing.



  1. I think that I, too, never really appreciated Reagan while he was in office. I was 11 when he was sworn in and 19 when he left office (hey, you met & Jim just a couple years later!)
    My local talk radio station often plays bits of Reagan's old addresses to his constituency when he was California's governor in the 70's and his wisdom was astounding, so sagacious and far-seeing.

  2. I've seen this video floating around quite a bit lately. I have the same sentiments about Reagan as you. I was a high school rebel who didn't understand or care for politics back in the mid-80's. If I'd only known then what I know now... but I'm glad I know now.

    Came here 'cause Steve the lightning man asked folks to check you out. I'm a follower.. and I'll add you & Steve to my blog roll. Check me out sometime...

    Take care.

  3. Your first sentence nearly had me stop reading, and then I realized there was a reason you were telling your audience. Congratulations on realizing his greatness.

    This speech is great, and it's a remind that for the rest of our lives, with every new socialist (democrat that comes to power) we will be battling this issue.

  4. I, too, was the mid-80's teenager who cared nothing for politics. My main concern then was making sure my hair was high enough.

    Looking back, I now truly understand and appreciate Reagan. He got it.

    Coolest part? My husband and younger son both share Dutch's birthday (Feb. 6). I buy two presents every year. The hubby doesn't need one. lol

  5. Very interesting. I didn't know about operation coffee cup. Like you, I grew up under Reagan. I love Reagan! He stood up for freedom and against socialism. I think Reagan knew that Libs would always try and introduce socialized medicine to the U.S.
    What a great video!

  6. I enjoyed stopping by your blog.

    I had to comment that my husband posted the same video a while back on his blog.