Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Fed Up Beyond Fed Up!!!!

I have had way beyond enough of all of these Democratic senators and congressmen (and women). The final straw for me came tonight when I saw the video of Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D) answering her cell phone while a citizen was asking her a question. Tracy Miller is an unemployed, uninsured cancer survivor. She had concerns about this "reform", and wanted answers from the representative. While this woman was asking her question- IN THE MIDDLE OF HER QUESTION!!!- Jackson Lee answers her cell phone and has several exchanges with whoever is on the phone.

You HAVE to be kidding me!!! To put it mildly that is rude. These people in Congress work for US. Have at least a little respect for the constituents. We do sign your paychecks. And need I remind you that your pay keeps increasing while a lot of Americans are still losing their jobs?

I am so very tired of no one listening to concerned Americans, more specifically, Democrats not listening to concerned Americans. If that had been any Republican politician, why, I could just hear the histrionics pouring from the mainstream media, and the (ah-hem) news journalists at CNN , MSNBC, and the likes. "Republicans don't care what the average citizen has to say", or "Republicans are heartless, uncaring , and watch out, because they want to have phone records that may or may not be yours under the guise of finding terrorists in the country". Hmmm... at least Republicans didn't set up a site so that Americans could snitch on other Americans that disagree with the administration!!

I am tired of it, I am fed up, but I refuse to be silent anymore!!!


  1. Hi j!

    Sheila Jackson Lee is a product of every Great Society program known to man, so social graces are not her strong point. In fact, the term "ghetto" comes to mind. I don't like to stereotype, but with her...

    I also sat silent for waaaaayyy too long. But as I see the difference we're making, my big mouth has gotten bigger.

    Take care; I'll be back!!!

  2. She's a scabacious cretin and should be punched in the kidneys until she pees blood...or at the very least, voted out of office post-haste.

    Me? Angry? Nahhhhh

  3. Can you believe this arrogant asshat! I was ready to pop when I saw this. Typical liberal superiority complex. If she's not voted out of office, there is no hope for that state!