Friday, February 26, 2010

Going For Gold, Honoring Real Heroes

It is an exciting time for USA hockey. The semi-final game went very well today, as the boys took care of Finland 6-1. As I write this, we are waiting to see who we face in the gold medal game- Canada or Slovakia. It matters not, one way or the other. The USA has to beat whichever team shows up on Sunday.

If anyone is looking for another reason to cheer on Team USA, I think I have found it here. Team USA GM has the right idea, and my favorite quote from him says it all:

"The real heroes in America don't wear hockey uniforms, they wear police uniforms, they wear camo, they wear fire uniforms, and we want our players to understand that what we do is small potatoes compared to what those people do." -- Brian Burke

It is nice and refreshing to see that the true heroes in our country are being shown respect, and being included by our hockey team in their quest for gold. Go USA!!!

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