Saturday, October 17, 2009

Maobama Would Know

In his weekly radio and internet address, The Anointed One is once again trying to rally everyone to support his health care reform agenda. A couple of quotes really struck me as ironic.

"The history is clear: For decades rising health care costs have unleashed havoc on families, businesses and the economy. And for decades, whenever we have tried to reform the system, the insurance companies have done everything in their considerable power to stop us."

Okay, exactly who is this we? Dear Leader, you have only been in Washington (including as a Senator) for four years, which last time I checked is nowhere near decades. And when you were a Senator, health care wasn't even on your radar. You were much more interested in,and spent more time, running for President than anything else.

Obama said he would not abide "those who would bend the truth or break it to score political points and stop our progress as a country." He accused the industry of "filling the airwaves with deceptive and dishonest ads," sending money and lobbyists to Capitol Hill and paying for studies "designed to mislead the American people."

You are the chief truth breaker to score political points. And you do not want to just stop our progress as a country, you want to completely overhaul our country and turn into something none of our Founders ever wanted. Why else would you surround yourself with Communists (Van Jones), and those that love Mao (Anita Dunn), and wait... you idolize Saul Alinsky, right?

Bend the truth... Would that include having doctors that contributed to your campaign show up at the Rose Garden to bolster support for health care reform? What exactly did you have to promise them to get them there? Or planting a question from a campaign worker's daughter during your health care town hall meeting? This is controlling information, making sure the question covers some of your talking points. You even lied when you said you weren't stacking the deck. What do you call that, random chance?

You told the far left what they wanted to hear in the primaries to get the nomination. To be fair, you didn't have to change your views to do so. You were known as the most liberal senator in congress (shown through your voting record). Then you changed your tune in the general election, sometimes from day to day, according to your audience on the campaign trail. You are the king of deceptive and dishonest. You bend the truth constantly to promote your agenda. You also ignore vital information if it does not support said agenda. One example of this is the Congressional Budget Office putting the kibosh on the 1,100 page health care bill (HR3200), saying it would increase the deficit exponentially.

Maobama, if you want to see deceptive and dishonest, you need to look no further than the closest mirror.


  1. Great Post!! He is the great deceiver. Obama is the liar-in-chief. Joe Wilson was right. Obama wants to remake America and destroy our constitution in the process. Plus, if Obama and the Dems really cared about fixing the high costs of health care there's no way that they would need to include 1100 pages. obaama wants more power and control over our lives. We must stop this tyranny that is being forced upon us.

  2. Awesome post, J.....kicked him square in the sack with a steel-toed boot.