Saturday, January 30, 2010

Exercising My Second Amendment Right

I prefer the method on the right!!

If I do not one more thing this weekend, it will be just fine. I feel pretty accomplished and proud of myself. Today I took the first step toward obtaining my concealed carry permit. I passed the state mandated course. Now I just need to send the county and the state AG some money, get fingerprinted, have a background check done, and then it is pretty much a done deal.

I was really looking forward to the class, and enjoyed it immensely. The instructor is someone that I know from work, and he made the day educational, but also entertaining. He is very good at what he does, because there were several people in the class that had a limited exposure to firearms prior to this class, and he made them feel comfortable and at ease throughout the process.

The classroom portion of the class was very commonsense stuff. One of the most important items covered was the safety issues surrounding concealed carry. We also had the opportunity to try out different guns (revolvers as well as semi-autos) to see what one we felt the most comfortable using. A portion of the time was spent discussing the different holsters available for concealed carry. The multiple choice test consisted of twenty-five questions, all things that were covered at least once during the approximately 6 1/2 hours spent on the material. And, Yaaayy- I passed!!

Then it was on to the range to prove we could actually hit a target. I will admit I was a tad nervous about this portion of the day. The requirements are 5 rounds from 3 yards one-handed, 10 rounds from 7 yards with both hands, and 10 rounds from 10 yards with both hands. In order to qualify you have to have 18 of the 25 rounds in the scoring area (bowling pin shaped area, approximately the size of the torso) Last week I practiced the requirements three different times and had only one round outside the qualifying area. Today I had three outside the area. Like I said, I was nervous. And don't tell my husband, but when he is standing behind me criticizing, ahem, I mean critiquing me, I do tend to shoot better! Anyway, I passed the shooting portion of the day, also, so on to the application and background check!!


  1. As I said on your hubby's blog..


    And although I think he might end up over here and read what you wrote.. otherwise your secret's safe - I won't tell him his criticism helps...

  2. Y'know...most normal couples get together & go out to dinner or a hockey, me, J, and C will get together & go shooting....

  3. Pleasing to see more folks carrying, especially ladies. Congrats.