Friday, February 5, 2010

Time For Olympic Hockey

Ryan Miller's 2010 Olympic hockey mask

I would say that I am a pretty big fan of hockey in just about any form. I remember watching the 'Miracle on Ice' when I was little. That was my first real exposure to the good 'ol hockey game (it's the best game you can name). I am not a big advocate of sending our professional hockey players to the Olympics because we can never have a true 'miracle on ice' again. In 1980 we sent our young bucks up against the world's best talent, and they won! They showed the world what it means to work hard and believe in yourself, even when everyone else has written you off.

That being said, I will still cheer on the Americans in Vancouver. They have a lot of talent, and hopefully will bring home the gold this year! They have a great goaltender in Ryan Miller. He is the goalie for the Buffalo Sabres, by way of Michigan State University (Go Spartans!!).

We will hopefully see a little Miller Magic in Vancouver

Miller recently revealed the mask that he will wear in Vancouver. He wanted the mask to be an original. "You know searching out stuff, some symbols of America that most people probably haven't used on a mask before. You know Uncle Sam has shown up but I've never seen that painting of him from World War II used. Obviously the eagle has been used but we thought it would be cool to put little elements like, don't tread on me, and Uncle Sam has a few tattoos, just a little different.''

The mask was designed by Warwick Mask & Equipment, Inc. in Port Huron, Michigan. The East Lansing native has been getting his masks there since he was a teenager. The mask also has a couple of small clovers on the side, as a nod to Jim Craig's mask from the 1980 Olympics.

So get ready, everyone, because it looks like Uncle Sam isn't gonna back down from anyone!! Go USA!!!


  1. That is a really cool mask showing American spirit. Go USA!

  2. Nothing good comes from Port Huron! LOL!!!

    I like the mask design. Cool that he's added the Gadsden elements (Don't Tread On Me) since that's the rally flag for the tea party as of late...