Wednesday, January 27, 2010

What the Teleprompter Should Say, But Won't

Okay, it may say some of this, but will it really mean it or follow through? The darn teleprompter made so many promises during the presidential election that it has already given up on. Need an example? Health care. Where is the open debate, that was supposed to be televised on C-SPAN? When has the TIC (teleprompter-in-chief) or his lackeys (Pelosi and Reid)ever really allowed the Republicans in on any meaningful discussions about health care reform? Oh, well. Here it goes-

1.) The military has this administration's unwavering support. Whatever you may need to succeed, consider it yours. I will not delay in providing resources or strategy for Iraq and Afghanistan, as I know this will lead to unnecessary losses. We will succeed, and our troops will return home when their mission is finished. We have faith in their abilities- may God bless them. (TIC may say some of these things, but will there be follow through?)

2.) The economy is a top priority. I have spent too much time and too much of the taxpayers money trying to "save" certain companies and industries. Capitalism is a wonderful thing. Failure for some companies may be the only answer. The market will bear out and the cream will rise to the top.

3.) Raising taxes will not solve anyone's problems. If taxes are levied on business, they will either have to pass it on to the consumer, or close their doors. If we increase taxes on the citizens of this nation, they will tighten their purse strings and slow the economy even further.

4.) The equations are really simple:

Lower taxes (flat tax?) = more jobs = health care for more Americans.

Lower taxes = more money for consumers discretionary spending = improved economy for all, businesses, those seeking employment, and shareholders alike.


  1. It said little of what you suggested, and meant even less...

  2. When the dude needs an effing teleprompter to speak to elementary students, that really says something....